I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories?

No 1 rank challengers talking to @Mr.X

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@Unown you were Ace Beary?!! :open_mouth: that was an amazing FL last pvp. (haven’t matched you in this pvp yet)

What fl is that? I haven’t played much pvp this season (13 battles to be exact), got other games that actually do updates weekly and not few times a year


the mortar one

GG @DLGZxixi I’m Baby Bloomeluga!

Our teams are quite similar :wink:

VM Quavado was the only OoO thlug team I’ve faced in 120+ battles this season :joy:

Gg @DLGZxixi It was me, I think you are testing teams rigth?

Glad you all having fun.

Yes, I have won 120 battles .so I am trying new ideas.

Welcome to join us.

Hi . Welcome to the forum. Are u a new player ?


@KikNaz GG i see you have awakened the new mythic

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Yeah dunno what to do with him yet.

He does seem difficult to use and his ss is trash.

Just put him in a throw team. Combine him with “The Rockoid” legend, Bloom and AP spam. His catapult and overwatch passive will be strong.
AP spam🤙 I just like saying those words.


Or you could try a combo with shurikaizer + timber lord (im not sure if the avenge summon can be used multiple times tho)

Avenge summon has multiple uses… basically anything that produces rocks is worth trying.

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Mrs.X really? :skull: gg @Mr.X


Lol that was me :joy::joy::joy:


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Congrats on the wedding :pleading_face::bride_with_veil:t3::man_in_tuxedo:t3: