I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories?


It’s that vicious and fast retribution Frontline that sealed the deal. With that speed advantage the rest was a steam roll. But yeah your team works better with Null and she did well:) I’ve had moments like that with other teams and Null when I got a lead. It feels good


Nothing and I mean nothing is more frustrating than getting sleep locked. Dominating a match then 3 perfect sleeps in a row. Then frustration. Curse Ninetales and the rest of them


If you let goldtail take control then you’re most likely losing the battle


Good tip. I’ve learnt the hard way over the last 3 PvP seasons. They might as well make her sleep 100%. That’s what it feels like.

Edit: @Unown Do you know what her entrance speed is at base speed and +9? This info will really help when deciding what time to bring her into the battle. I wanna make sure my monsters are poisoned or ready for a critical


I’m not sure, but they might enter at 70-80 sec about


Cool thanks. It would be awesome if somebody with the knowledge to make a complete table of all the entrance speeds of each and every monster at +0. @killerdog :joy: at least the popular PvP monsters​:wink:


i guess he did yesterday, didn’t he? Thread: KD’s Legendaries listed + stats


It’s just got speed. I got no idea what it translates to in entrance speed- that’s what I’m after. I will start collecting data from my own monsters. All I need is the translation formula.


The entrance speed guide is coming today, don’t you worry :wink:

Btw neko cannon is weaker than neko barrage. The barrage is roughly 1.5x the damage.


Thankyou very much for putting up that guide. Your hard work is Much appreciated. That potion guide is particularly awesome. I wish I knew all that before making my Atra +9 and my Doomengine+2 I’m very annoyed now. I didn’t expect the potions to give deminishing returns. And didn’t connect how being to fast can screw up certain monsters like Doom-that needs to be fixed by the devs.


U did right. Certain monsters need to b +9. The speed matter. Then few sec make a big difference. Any monster that u use all the time should b +9. It separate good to great players


@Saitama you can still dial back dooms speed :wink:

I have a +9 doom all from dupes, and honestly before the recent update that let you dial back speed, that very much kept me from using him when I first started


I don’t use Atra anymore in PvP(I might again in future). He isn’t worth +9 for me. I wish I just used 4 potions on him and the rest on Mecha and Drako. Same for Doom


You make me feel a bit better relating your
experience. I know I can switch it back I’m just annoyed I wasted two potions on that train. Well I won’t be making that mistake again.


Atra the best cannil monster in the game. You better put some respect on his name. Plus he great for PVE as well.


We need CryIsFree to show off Atra again. He used it well in teams.

Here’s one of his videos: https://youtu.be/seJsgVJRWjc

If that link doesn’t work then search for the channel “Cry Is Free”.


I really like my Atra but he doesn’t fit my current PvP team and potions were wasted on him. He is always in my pve team though but I don’t need +9 for pve. If he is in your PvP team then great👍


I wouldn’t say +9 as a must. There’s a huge difference between +0 to +5 but further from there the bonus gets so slim that it only matters in rare cases. There’s barely any speed difference between a +5 and +9, but you should +9 all monsters you use in fl and some few others that are not i fl, and keep the rest at +5/6 range. That’s my opinion on pots


Yep, which is exactly why I mentioned I wanted to use those pots on Drako and Mecha. They are Frontline monsters for me. +9 on my Atra was a dam waste. Completely agree.


This was hilarious.

They were not in stealth. MVP Aluminoid