I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories?

I admit. PvP is more fun now. Refreshing to bring out some of my old monsters. Doesn’t take long to adapt to the changes.

My boy Shurikazer is back in action:

Still very early testing but enjoying the experience.

I still think they went Overkill on AP spam, and feel sorry for people with slow monsters. It’s just not fair for them. My monsters aren’t that fast but I can make it work. I can see why some would find it less fun and more brain dead now. It can be a game of who has the fastest monsters. But personally, I am having fun.

Yes I won that match.

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Wow, I love my new team. Way more than my AP spam team. This is awesome. Having a blast.

I’ve been meaning to use my Shurikaiser for some time now; might whip it out when I get a chance.

I’ve got this beautiful synergy happening with Shuri, Aeraider and Duscy.

Does call to revenge have a use limit?

It doesn’t. Don’t you go combining those 3 now! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using that same combo since the first day of this PVP!! :+1::grin: it’s a nifty little trio with infinite heals and protection

Gg @lucrayzor

Copycat. :joy:

Just kiddy.

@Shame on China
Shame on you for always disconnecting on your turn.

Yes, this man is very disgusting. He used to do this when he met him before.。。。

Gg @DLGZxixi I told you the meta was terrible :confused:

Just in case people think Im complaining because I lost

Thank you, I am modifying the team through a long time pvp, I lost a lot in the process, but I have a lot of new inspiration.

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Who is Shame on China?

A Chinese who immigrated to the United States, because he likes to laugh at the novice players, I kicked him out of the discussion group.


Gg DLGZ ou1 that was an amazing combo with Timberlord and Ahuizard. Hope to fight again with better protection! @DLGZxixi please let him know about this.

Such a fool that shame on china boy

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@squinty1880 gg :slight_smile:

GG I’m trying to make mark work and it’s hard


GG @Saitama …trying out new FLs and that one did not work out at all haha

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