I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? (Part 3)

25k total pvp battles! I am tired :skull:

I’m so glad I got to abuse myst again. My team had a 56ws earlier and is now on a 57ws. Three out of the five losses all happened within the first ~20 games. That was before I fixed the second half by adding drageckon so my current team’s record is probably around 120-2.

I boosted myst, breaker, shieldragon, eonarx, and freezecobra. Having an extra 9k hp was helpful lol. Anyway, now that I reached 25k games I can finally quit the game.



Fought you 1 time I think, after losing started putting twighoul in fl

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Made it to the wifu like i said i would

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