I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? (Part 2)

Just look at this eg is cursed , those vineyes don’t even die and they follow it with stun , gloreonix swaps for moji the jacolene if possible for even more vineyes in ur team is stupid.


This is the kind of team that disconnects and reconnects 50 times when it faces gravity field and aether lol


And u need survive again 80k squash damage :sweat_smile:

And most of them disconect after they know they Will lose


Stun immunity too :sweat_smile:
Also the amnt of stunnable tokens (vineyes laughing in the corner being a SE) u get
Is crazy lol


You don’t run Rhino with any other disrupotor :confounded:

I beat that guy whith my alt (87 hero rank ) , he was trying to kill all my stun protections so i knew he is a stun user i managed to keep freeze alive he got stuck in the end whith that huskong and rockoids

lol his entire team is just screaming, “STUN LOCK IS MY SOLE WIN CONDITION!!!”

That’s why it’s funny when people get butthurt when they lose to it.

My team started out as a way to troll DLGZ and has continued on to this day as a recurring joke.

Although it’s a joke, it’s not as funny as the decision making of people with maeve, crystalworms, etc in their FL who still get rocklocked.


Ah, I see! I was looking at how it’s stun after the crystal worms to make the most of a charged 59TU bloodfury.

@Dev_VKC you should make bulbies passive piercing and go off at a slightly lower tu.

That would teach them

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Happy cake day @WroAceh

I fell asleep on the couch without playing pvp and lost two tickets but I don’t care anymore :skull:

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Or maybe we need a super epic version :partying_face:

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Idk who you are I am oni chan
but that was a hell o a battle
GG :wink:

Anyone know who Oinkbooster is? Did you win @Rctuga ?

Isn’t that the chirp chirp guy? He had an ign like that before I remember him vaguely


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Nop he got me hard at the begining , if im not mistaken he used awakened onixya,mantisamurai,rock lock fairy at FL

Ohhh okay

Naah it’s not me