I demand

All the events at once! But don’t overdo any single event. And make sure they’re easy enough but also challenging. And make sure the good rewards are relatively easy to obtain for newbies, but also make sure the old timers have a definite advantage!

Thats a very strange demand mate…

LOL wut?! 

Im genuinely confused… also asking nicely tends to give off a better vibe. 

Well I guess he’s trying to tell us how hard it is to fulfil all demands from different people at the same time. B)

Lol it was sarcasm. It was a backhanded way of sympathizing with the devs who seem to be constantly nagged for new events, old events, more challenge, less challenge, more ingredients, less ingredients.

No worries, no actual demand here!

I demand that the devs quit messing up this game. All my legends are useless with Regalion (no turns) and reincarnate full health. *** You and *** this damn game.

I personally think Regalion is amazing and has brought a lot more to this game. Way more strategy is now involved other than ppl solely relying on TT to wins games for them

Ah, the complaints of someone unable to adapt. Took me a while to figure it out, but I did. I used to use a lot of TT.

If you’re losing it’s your fault, no one else’s.

The harsh, but wise, words of Zardecil. Always a blessing :slight_smile:

Anyone here watch Rug Rats back in the early 90s? Grandpa Lou always saying “back in my day we walked 15 miles through the snow to get to school.” Some posts here remind me of Grandpa Lou.

That was a good show