How to use Rooknight efficiently?

I found this guy dies quite easily. Its No Defence is nice on Barricadus, but it makes my whole team becomes a tofu, and a physical AOE just swiped my whole team.

How to use Rooknight efficiently? Which Arks should I combo it with?

You should be careful when using rooknight.

It is great when you’re stuck against monsters that you need to kill right away. Or if your monsters are at low health and your opponent’ monsters have a lot of TU before their next move. Or combined with haste/stun users. That’ll let you switch to the offensive. So like…if you have 10 health anyways, and you’re going to die…might as well get some damage in.

There are also different circumstances that would require no defense, but it’s too much to talk about at midnight, and most of the monsters that pose a serious threat are not released yet.