How to grind?

I’m wondering how do you grind for arks, do you go back to town every time or do you tap the same every time? And also where can I get Levi and gaiawyrm??

Just tap again on the same tile after every fight ! :slight_smile:

For the locations check out the pinned topic right up top you’ll find everything you need !

Thanks! Does anyone know what’s the percentage for Levi?

It’s low :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d guess higher than cherub and lower than frostjack… But just a guess… He’s a pain to get in S grade !

Its indeed a pain to get him at S grade but grind ur way to them haha

i finally got an S this morning :slight_smile: and personally i find frostjack to be more uncommon than levi. could be my luck though, i have 3 A and the S levi, and best frost ive found is 2 B’s

I’m currently farming a S frostjack and it’s also a pain :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t know witch one is worst ! 

I would probably say it’s the two S cherubs I needed though !

This is an old post, but a gazillion thanks for mentioning you need only tap the time you’re on to spawn a monster! You have no idea how tired I was of running from tile to town to tile :-))