How many times was your shared monster chosen

It’s because I blocked you in Neo @TheLokitator

Thank you for adding that feature a few months ago @Dev_VKC :star_struck:



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Which monster if u dont have an awaken mythic should u share if u want a lot of people to take ur mon?

Tenebris or tortoigeist

Dark Elemfox, 2nd form christine, vinegazer or anything that with nasty revenges

All the suggested above + Polaboss

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Friend monster chosen 30k times . It’s seems people like exocross.

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lol some of these mythics get chosen so much. I used to share focalforce or kuraokami and got around 2k friend points a day. Now suikenshi is getting chosen almost 4k times a day and I’m getting ten times as much friend points

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It also helps if you play all day every day to be fair


To my credit, I’ve played only 141 pvp matches so far this season

Is the special rule even over yet?

It ends later tonight

4k times chosen is a lot! My freind monster is also being chosen a lot recently. Maybe because I am playing more in last week. But I wonder how much effect higher hero rank has on being chosen? KD was saying higher rank ones have more chance of being displayed. I am 222 now

I’m not sure tbh. I’ve been choosing your exocross for bond quest whenever brynhildr isn’t available

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4k is indeed a lot i feel. My sakura dosent bring in those numbers and my HR is really close to yours

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PvP rule idea, you can use a shared Mon in PvP

This would be madness @Dev_VKC


100k friend points in 5 days lol this is insane