How do you play?

I was just wondering if people are actually playing through all the towns/quests or just doing what I’m doing which is obsessively grinding to find S/A grades of everything?

I’ve heard people have already blasted through the entire game already but I have a feeling if I blast through all the quests and towns right from the start it might not be as much fun or meaningful because there will really just be online content and just grinding for S/A grades and rares afterwards.

First run through: Grinding for A/S all the time, too careful, spent WAYYY too much time on each town.

Second run through: Just ran through it.

Third run through: Slowing down, but still progressing faster than first time. I’m enjoying the story again and I will come back for S/A when I’m done with the story.

1st time through: Slowly, appreciating the story
2nd: fast
3rd: my current profile, focusing on being the best competitively. Timing eggs, grinding, etc