How can i transfer savegames?

i’m playing Neo Monster on Nox, an emulator that won’t allow in-store payment.
I would like to buy 100 gems, and i can do it with restor code (transferring the save on my phone), but i see this can de done just once per year, and i would like to play on my pc.
Is there any solution, like on option for double restore or something? Or other way to add gems to my account?

Thanks all for your help!

These kind of questions can only be answered by the devs. You can contact them at

The devs can unlock a restore code so you can use it more than once per year, contact them on Facebook

FOXonFOX has the correct answer. Honestly, most questions can be answered by “Contact the devs directly at ,” good luck Aerial and I’m sure they’ll sort it.