Hiberzor or Archaeoceros?

Hi guys,

Just doing the Balancion’s Trail’s day 9 atm.
IYO which mon should I pick out of Hiberzor or Archaeoceros?
Will Hiberzor will be of more use with his sleep attacks or will Archaeoceros LINK accelerate team be more handy?

Ok so on a bit of searching on here it would seem that Hiberzor is pretty useless so I guess Archaeoceros it is :grimacing:

Both will be spending most of the time on the bench. Dont sweat this one too much lol

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Lol! Yeah they both aren’t anything special.
I can’t see me using him much tbh

Dont worry. We’ve all been continuously neoboozled since they changed away from the guarantee. I did spend a little bit for the guaranteed myth and gold ticket though. Cant be neoboozled when you’re guaranteed to get what you pay for.

Would you believe me if I told you hiberzor used to be even worse? Didn’t have piercing blow or sleep immune lol

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Get Archeaus. Place him towards the end of your team to one shot (might need to be boosted) Penguinator or on the FL with his high speed. He is good in PvP for a beginner.

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I got Arch. My team isn’t too bad now. Been playing for a couple of months so getting there

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