Hero Levels

Just wondering if the hero level rewards are supposed to be consistent? Levelled from 6 to 7 and my cost level only went up by 1 when it’s usually gone up by 3.

Its not consistent some times it doesn’t even go up I think

Great thanks for that. Just felt that if it was consistent, then it would be odd, but if it’s random, I can deal with it.

No pattern whatsoever.
I’m up to rank 23 now.

I’m hero level 15 and I believe there is a pattern.
Every 5 levels you get +5 added to either tickets (on levels 5, 15 for me) or cost (level 10).
Once I hit 20 I should know for sure if I do get +5 to cost, but right now it’s a pretty strong hunch. For the levels in between it seems to alternate between +1 in cost and +1 in tickets, plus the ticket refill.