Herald of nightmares

He looks pretty awesome and I’m excited to see him in action. I know they said they’re planning on new monsters and skills, but that happened pretty quick. I’m excited to see some more variation in skills. Creating new skills that are all feasible and useful on top tier teams is the only way pvp will be fun. Variety will make it so not everyone is striving to use one certain group of monsters. That sort of thing happens at the top of every game that is competitive like this.
Any thoughts on new skills and what variety will do at the top?

this game just like any other will have a Meta. There’s already a tier list right now and we did not officially start PVP yet.

the thing is… just striving to use a certain set of monsters is pointless because you cannot choose the monsters you use… the egg roll is random so people are more or less forced into using different team combinations…

because people are forced into trying different things other than the “meta” the meta can change quite often creating the variety.

that’s why ironically the egg randomness that everyone complains about helps to maintain the variety of monsters used in PVP

I hope so, but not all monster here catchable.
The meta still rellying on lastbite for most of us i think

Last bite should really just be a last resort for in case your other strategies fall through and you are in a corner. I rarely have to use a last biter for anything unless it’s events where ai is buffed a lot

On topic though, I’m excited to see a new sleep based monster

I don’t think last bite will be as good in pvp as ingame. You can trick AI by skipping turns with your last biter, but in pvp, players will go for your last biter first. Even if you put 3 bombers in front, people will make anti-lastbite teams. We’ve even seen them on dungeon challege allready, so they’re possible.

You can’t skip turns as much as you want in PVP. Last bite will not be a big thing in PVP… its really only good vs AI

But I’m afraid to get Soulstealer instead of that new monster

Yeah, Soulstealer is not that good ^^

If this new monster is a sleeper I need him so bad. He will fit perfectly in my sleep team.

I want him to have a multi use death sentence single along with an ability that automatically activates death sentence. That way soulstealer would be good.

I hope the new monsters won’t have something like that though. Just a new kind of sleep based move…