Help for 4th GK

I’ve reached 4th Gk with revive strat and that’s not enough for top 100, so I really need some kind of help to beat this gatekeeper. Reviving Deo isn’t enough, he would die later on when he’ll be alone. I haven’t a single sleeper so I must rely on horror and crypt. Thank you in advance :wink:

I’m afraid 4th GK is indeed too hard if using revival only because enemy lineup doesn’t have sweeper. Can you post the whole enemy line up mig?

Mmh I can’t remember all the enemy line up but it hasn’t got any sweepers apart from leo at the end. I’ve tried roulette spam but I left the enemy with flarevern and a SE poison massacre :confused:

maybe u can knock back the shi* out of everything and then revive leo or something ;v

I’ve managed to win with a roulette-spam team ahahah it’s been too satisfying. If you wanna know how to build a team around puff and rhino contact me lol