Hello friends... its me Abrar


Ammm, my device lost yesterday and i can not play game for a while, i am missing u all ( clan mates+ lounge frnds) i will be back very soon…
And when i wil come back an interesting news about goodgammer :joy::joy:


Wtf :joy::joy:


Did they scam your phone too?

Come back soon, can’t wait to hear these news


Yes bro😁


Yupp very soon​:yum::yum:


What the heck @Odion xD


Hey Abrar boi, I heard many bad things happened to you.
I hope you are doing great now :muscle:


He got scammed by a dead girl who promised “naughty time” in exchange for accounts. She claimed restore codes turn her on


Hi Dev VKC i never saw u in lounnge… from which clan u belong ??


He’s a dev lol he’s in. No clan hahahaha


Oops, sorry devs​:sweat::sweat:


I thought its like dev ripper of our clan🤣


Devs have their own clan. DEV. You have to be extremely powerful (and of course a BIG spender to get invited)


You not meant to know that who told you