Hallowe'en 2013!

The nights have drawn longer, the clouds have dropped lower and an eerie mist is beginning to linger around my area, so of course, this can only mean one of two things. Either someone turned off the pump and the earth is slowly deflating causing the atmosphere to drop to record levels…or it’s Hallowe’en!!

I know Hallowe’en gets celebrated in many ways all over with some people sitting in and giving out sweets every now and then to the kids that come knocking on the door, to those who go all out and dress up their houses to their spookiest each year and everyone in between so how do  you celebrate?

This thread is a place to share your pumpkin carving prowess, costumes for this year and last minute devilish decoration tips to make the most of it!

I’m going to kick off with my household’s Hallowe’en shenanigans. In my area, people don’t really go mad with decorations for Hallowe’en, it’s just never been extravagant…well…for most people that is. In our house, we rarely do things by half measures and Hallowe’en is no exception. Years ago we really only dressed up the inside of the house with some bats tied to the ceiling bouncing up and down on elastic and a little motion and sound activated animatronic ghost but we always put some serious effort into pumpkin carving, my dad being the grand master carver of the house.

However…a few years ago, upon a visit to the USA we found that Halowe’en was a much bigger thing with eerie inflatables and cool props and we realized, “Hey, we’ve been missing out!” so now things have been taken to a whole new level. Our arsenal now includes, but is not limited to: a large inflatable horse pulling a hearse complete with lights, skeleton driver, skeleton in the back of the hearse and a motion activated soundbox that yells “You’re next!”; Large stone-effect tombstones; a smoke machine; and our newest terrifying additions…my Dad and I.

We set up most of the large items like the tombstones and inflatable and smoke machine in the front but of course, someone has to be there to activate the smoke machine so my Dad took it upon himself to dress up as a zombie and sit there, motionless, on a chair at the end of the path that runs along the front of the house. The best part is, he does so well, most kids and adults are fooled into thinking it is just a dummy but when they approach to check…they realize they are very definitely mistaken and end up forgetting about going to the front door for candy and just sprint as fast as they can down the road never to be seen or heard from again. Of course, if they aren’t terrified by that they will make their way along the path back the way they came and walk around the side of the house to the door where they are greeted by a shaking bush behind them and a skeleton on the door. When they knock, my mum slowly creaks open the door revealing a blue misty hallway with bats and smaller tombstones, a crawling Frankenstein hand and the spooky ghost. While they look at those things, it’s my cue to sneak out from behind the house and simply stand, motionless at the corner until someone realizes…through the mist…the dark suited faceless tall, lanky armed skinny figure of Slenderman (a role my body suits perfectly) with a painted cardboard cutout attached to my back that looks like tendrils. This usually terrifies them all away but for those that continue looking, I quickly dart behind the house into my hiding space between the bins and still haven’t been found!

However, the pumpkins are still our main event and we just love having fun with them. I’ll post a few up later in another post :wink:

Sounds like you are having an awesome time over there with planing and execution. Bet it’s gonna be awesome!
We barely celebrate Halloween over here and I have no reason to do it either. It has mainly just become a sad excuse for kids to eat candy. :smiley:

I was going to dress as a Xenomorph this year however I didn’t have the funds.  So I guess this Halloween I’m just going to work in Zbrush. XP

I’ve spent quite a bit on my costume this year but I’m expecting it to last and get better with age so it’s more of an investment :wink:

Unfortunately, we don’t celebrate Halloween.

However, when we (my sisters and I) were younger, we used to run around in costumes for the entire day. I have never trick-or-treated before, but my parents did bake stuff like cake for the occasion. Our family friends also came to give us some presents (although I don’t think they do it anymore).

I remember I carved a wolf on a pumpkin. Needless to say, it looked really terrible even for my standards back then. 

Still, even if our family doesn’t celebrate it, the rest of the U.S. does. When I go shopping with my parents, I usually see small pumpkins on sale. That’s my cue to buy one of them and keep them in my room until it starts to mold/rot/whatever they do.

Why? Simply because small pumpkins are ridiculously cute.

So I guess you can say I’m the only one who really celebrates it around here, with a small pumpkin in my room.

Halloween “thew-up” on my house, it’s everywhere *hides in corner, waits for it to be over*