Gearwolf mission

Hey guys I’m german so sorry for some language mistakes :slight_smile: I’ve got some questions about that gearwolf thing.

I started the mission yesterday at 10 gtm and finished it today (15 houres after it started) but I finally got A Gearwolf now. How is this possible?
And what does it mean that 1% then will claim the main price.? What is the main price?
And last but not least: how does xeno slash work? Most of the time this attack doesn’t work.
I think it’s sometimes a little bit bad explained in german :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Ur probably in the pool who gets 10%

Pool who gets 10%? Is there any website where I can read all the rules?

Xenofang does massive damage to a single target but the damage is reduced to nearly zero percent if there is another shadow ark present on the enemy team.

Ah ok thank you

Yes u can its called the forum and its on Facebook

Sonce noone has referenced it for you, this is the post that describes what happens with online misisons.