Game Progress - Please share your progress. We want to know how far everyone is!


So multiplayer is really almost ready (feel like I have been saying that for the last 2 weeks). We were a little too optimistic about the debugging process. Way more problems than expected :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I wanted to know how far people have gotten. Want to know if you beat the game, almost near the end, stuck on a certain quest etc. Please let me know! Also, what did you think of the story overall?


I’ve beaten it, now just spot grabbing dudes and making things :slight_smile:


Beat the game quite a while ago. I’ve been just training my team when I get the time. I haven’t been as active lately due to being busy with life, but as soon as you release the next build I’ll dedicate more time to it.


I would like to point out, some of these guys are hard grabs

But I’m getting such a kick out of it.

I must be sick


Sorry for the delay…

Wait til we add 130 monsters :slight_smile:


Is that happening with the next build with the PVP?


Also beat the game a while back. Have every monster and I’m way too far down into the Infinite. Been capturing and fusing higher grades while leveling my team lately. Waiting for the new build, missions and monsters. I can only blame myself for playing too much. No need to appologize. None of us wants to play a broken game. :slight_smile:


I am bringing up the rear.  I am stuck on the Yelan temple and other side quests in that area.  I haven’t been able to beat:

The Frost Serpent in the temple

Legend of the Depths

Pirate’s Showdown

Best Served Cold

i am leveling my team in the Online Dungeon and just grinding away.


So I have a question: why did you guys switch the shadowlance and luxknight combos and why is finding the frostjack impossible?


Frostjack has a spawnrate of 2% on the penninsula to the southeast of Orlen.


I’ve camped there for 5 days. They spawn even less than than the rest of them

Actually, I should say they don’t spawn at all


I had to make those harder to make for balance. Frostjack should spawn once every 50 battles or so at the tip of the peninsula southeast of orlen, and you’ll have 100% chance to capture. 


Would you say I lower the difficulty on those? I dont want people to have to grind away to beat the game.


Alright, ill give it another go at the peninsula.


Well, I am getting the feeling that I’m grinding quite a lot here.  I don’t know what other’s experience was at the Yelan temple area.  Anyone?  The problem with the pirate mission is that I defeat the first pirate, but then you have to go right into battle with the next guy and my team was weakened and couldn’t last against him.  So, I don’t know how to fix that.  I’m sure I’d beat the next guy with a fresh team.

I’m curious what everyone’s teams were made up of by that point in your own games.  Did you have many dragons?  What were your best monsters used in Yelan. 

My strongest is probably a lvl 72 Stegotops

Most of my team is somewhere in the 50 - 60 level range.  I’m using 

Skullwraith, Goldram, Sabreshark, Kentucky, Stormfox, Raioh, Narlance, Stegotops, Pengdon, Hydrowyrm, Tidalwhale,

Searex, Dullakhan, Nightmare, Skywolf, Flamogun, Frostknight, Nilox, Leviathan, Raptorex, Shrubtooth, Flamorider, 

Gremsknight, Thunderback.

I also have a Pyrowyrm, and a Fireheart but for Yelan I’m sitting them out while I level up my air type stunners.  


Yelan also took me a few tries but my issue was the lack of warp points.

I’d say just keep grinding. That’s the only way to get past them. I’m surprised your guys are that weak though


Get yourself a Voltyke -> Voltooth -> Voltiger
It will help you alot over there. :slight_smile:

Also a Duskroc is a second good choise vs water types.


I love my Voltiger

He is a beast!

I like my Magmawyrm and Dreadwolf more


Yeah, I’ve wanted one but I haven’t even seen a catchable Voltyke or Voltiger.  Only on boss fights or online missions


Check the list for Voltyke. They are common. :slight_smile: