Gabby Douglas will not stop staring at me

Gabby Douglas has been staring at me with her arms crossed and a huge smile for a strong minute and about 8 seconds now, how can i make her stop?

Additional information:
I don’t even LIKE gymnastics.
Gabby is a female African American weighing in at 4’11" & 90lbs.
She is very unpredictable and rash

Edit: its been about 3 minutes and 19 second now, I’ve added a pictuee, please any suggestions are appreciated.


Have you tried drawing a frown on her?

Not yet but i will try, thanks @lethalmilk ill get back to you

Edit: Upon drawing a frown on her I seem to have only made her angrier, however I think we are making progress, her eyebrows went to a sharp 45° angel, which is the first movement she has made since she began to stare.



Please any advice will help i am fear stricken and in shock

burn it

Edit: don’t burn it. I don’t want to be responsible if you take my advice seriously and then end up setting the house on fire.

New advice: throw it in the garbage.

…put it in the garbage?

Thank you guys, however instead of referring to her as “it” you should use the proper pronoun, “her” I myself am no fan of gymnastics but we should still treat people with respect, even is they stare at you for fifty minutes… But the idea worked! She is done staring :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Throw here in the trash can?

I would have impaled her face with the provided straw and consumed her sweet blood, that usually works when people are staring at me…

Glad you managed to stop her though.

 Lol funny thread

I am confused… What?

Thank you Kilted Cobra, her being facedown in the trash can was not enough, i felt like her eyes were still penetrating my skin, just an verall uncomfortable and nervous feeling with her arond

I can fully understand. I know what you’re going through. I used to have the same problem with Gary Lineker on a promotional packet of crisps. Used to.

I dont even know these guys haha

Lol jean gabby d was part of the olympics 2012 gymnastics team

Is she doing her best Yosemite Sam impersonation?

She was, until I put her in the garbage and impaled her with the straw…

Give her money for a cab, coax her into walking outside with you then immediately shut the door behind her, lock the door and lock all other doors and windows throughout the house, turn on running water, washers, dryers, TV and any radios throughout the house as well as the garbage disposal as to not hear her yelling and pounding on the door.