Friends Code & New Guild

Jndf3f1 Friend please

Add me AD8129F

23PVHC7 Add me :grin::+1:

B5F36Q8 add me

Hi my code is F8KFDK9


Hi all my friend code is AKBZC2Y. Will be glad to add all active players, if u are away for 15 days i’ll kick you, sorry.

Stop adding me after using my Rizette, I literally don’t want to be any of your friends

Hey everyone, my girlfriend has got into Evertale and playing it seriously as a F2P. If any of you have good SSR characters you’re sharing it would help her out a lot! She’s sharing an evolved Maxima so not too shabby for you to have yourself.

Her friend code is: N4VQ3TP

Welcome to all who are adventurers in heart, whether as a human, dwarf, elf, halfling, nymph, satyr, or other being of light.

My nick calls Zerafal (Code: HLLMBDL) and I just have created the guild “Aventuria” (Paper&Pen-World “DSA”).

Code: X9R9X2

All of you are welcome!!!

Would be nice, if you first introduce yourself here in some words (Nick; prefered fantasy being, such as dwarf, eleve,…; Hobbies;…) without too private facts.

Already I would like to apologize to you for possible mistakes in the text. English is not my mother tongue.

I would be very happy to welcome you to our guild “Aventuria”!

Your Zerafal :wink:

3YKH56V my friend code . just add me . got a guild all welcome . social

281W3EP just played… add me…

I added you

My friend code is 3A6KKK

VCQ47LT add me please and also i’m looking for indonesian active player to join my guild, “Keraton” thanks

I won’t add anyone with “KKK” in their friend code @TheDarkAbyss , I hope you understand

X5AABT9 < my code. Rank is mid 50’s since I had to start over yesterday on new phone(lost code). On every day for at least a few hours usually more.

Started a new guild named “Hollow” - JFWQ7Z

Anyone is welcome but you have to stay active and not be stagnant with leveling if you’re not a high rank yet.

Will have a discord setup sometime tomorrow and have some raffles/contests planned for members once or twice a month for like $5-10 Google play credit you can use for soul stones or whatever.

My personal discord > lofiheadchange#7546

Looking for people to game with that play other stuff on mobile as well. Other stuff I play - Albion Online, Perfect World, Raid, PubG, Bit Heroes, Ark, Eve Chronicles and the beamdog D&D games.

Add me too! Friend code : YJ2PT3X

Add me please RYJDRTF