Friend Request Suggestion

Not sure if this is already suggested before but can the devs try to show the friend ID of people sending your friend requests? The purpose of this is to curb people using modded apps… I would always notice people sending me requests that have awakened mythic monsters without shards… It would be good if we can report these people to the devs by sending their friend ID…


good idea. don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be implemented.

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We could have one more button. Accept , reject and Report .

This would be a step to deal with cheaters quickly


Probably not on their end… dealing with a bunch of false reports

reject button would still be nice though.

I always wanted to be able to send message to your friend in neo a lot of online games allow you to do that , you can also ask them to share a specific monster if you want , since nkt everyone is here or in aclan

They could always review only people who reach a high specified number of reports

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+ prevent people who repeatedly false report from reporting in the future

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Someone reported me for BMing one time and I never found out who it was

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I bet it was @yourmom Gary

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I suspect that it was @MasterMarcoPISSOFFBM because I may or may not go out of my way to BM him