Fortune Shrine - share your best and worst luck!

What was your highest shrine?

793 the highest and 600 the lowest

I aggregated the results posted on this forum and summarized the results in a video. This was 55 pieces of data, but I think it will be more accurate if we aggregate it again now. However, looking at the results posted on the forums since I posted this video, I don’t think the video’s conclusions are significantly wrong.


Not a lucky one but still free 146 gems :partying_face:


@SHIKAOTOKO A nice video, but doesn’t really say much about the average gems, which is what Randolph was asking about.

Basically you’re about right. The average seems to be something like 200 gems each time, when you include the 5, 50 and 500 shrine together. So each time it comes out we get roughly +200 gems.

My records so far give an average of 225 gems per shrine. I’ll get a more accurate figure with time.

shrine will be a 1x per month thing now?


Are u serious? Is it official?

It would certainly make sense logically. Last month it was every four weeks and it wouldn’t make sense for the devs to be like “Merry Christmas, we’re gonna take away the fortune shrine for just one time!” It also makes sense financially since they messed up the fortune shrine frequency and killed all of their medium spenders

@Killerdog is it official that the fortune shrine is only once a month now?

I feel if they did this they’d let us know in game. Let’s wait a few days and see

Why you have to ask killerdog? He don’t know either

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you are delusional


Probably combined with like 40 compensation gems or something.

I’m pretty sure the 130 gems they gave us for the limited RP rewards were the compensation for reducing the fortune shrine frequency

Bc killerdog always knows


Could definitely be the case

According to the numbers shown by @Killerdog in the thread about the last sanctuary crisis we could see what doesn’t always appear on the 15th. It may still appear. I think the best thing is to wait and then we will see what the future of the sanctuary is without Panic . Patience makes you king guys

01/07/21 (1200 gems)
31/07/21 (500 gems, from here on)
(Numbers of kD)

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