First online mission I have won!

I finally got the gearwolf! First OM I beat! And I have 3 of the fusion ones ranked S/A/S

Congratulations. :slight_smile:


Congrats on that Aeist

Sweet! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Thanks guys :slight_smile: however isn’t it now the first 1%? Because I got this one? If so I’m so not getting the next one if I have to compete to beat players like Tiberius

Yep , ur in the pool B :stuck_out_tongue: u have 1% chance on the next om but dont worry im in pool B so 1% since destructor and I got Every om ark so far so its nothing to worry about

Yeah but your like Tiberius haha I’m just me! Hopefully I can pull it off

U can do it too, Just rush through it with some nice music and that goes way faster

Ill try my best ha

I also have gotten all the online mission so far. Just make sure to train your monster to 99 and get on before the event starts. Also set up your team before the mission starts. I like to have my front line with strong AOE monsters.

Yep! That helps for sure

Will try and let ya know!