Firesquire not showing up in egg

I just recently noticed that Firesquire doesn’t show up in the legendary tab, on the egg list. Is this a glitch, or is Firesquire a limited time legendary?

I think they removed it temporarily due to some bug, when using firesquire other monster is diplayed but has the skill of it. Don’t know when they will add it to the list.

Here is said bug:

Is that why you put him as your champ, so people would be able to see the gltich or is it because you generally like him?

No free gems? Why is there lack of apology being offered these days? When there were many issues with the game, such as bugs, pvp connection problem, silent nerf, hackers issue, etc.

I think they did give free gems about this long ago

They did give gems. No one seems to read why they give out gems though.

My shared monster is a flarevern. . .

LOL yeah, I offer you my apology, 1 free gem for you dev.

But still, no apology gems or even an announcement addressing the other issues. In short, I haven’t been clicking those claim buttons as many as I used to be.

They have had less problems overall.