[Feature Request] Automatic Fight Mode

Dear developers and players,
I like to put out my opinion or start a constructive discussion about the current auto fight option.

It seems that the auto fight option, once it is activated, stays locked in active mode till you either loose a fight, or until you manually disable it inside an active battle.

I can agree, that this behavior makes somehow sense, but I find it very clumsy to use, because of the following reasons.

  • I like to start a fight without auto function to use a specific start procedure before I enable auto mode
  • I like to summon the friend monster
  • I switch to a different event where I don’t like to use auto mode

There are guessable more disadvantages which other players experienced.

Once a battle has started, it sometimes takes up to two automatic moves till I am able to disable the auto function. This usually destroys my planned start procedure.

My solution request would be to add options to this function.

Either it is possible to embed permanent options in the options menu like (auto=permanently on / permanently off / enabled for the current fight only / …)

Or the auto on/off button could be optionable made accessible before a battle starts, either in the friend monster screen, or as a floating button in general event screens.

Please leave your opinions about this feature.

Thank you.


This is exactly what I’ve requested, for exactly the same reasons.

I personally think it’s best if auto-battle is always OFF at the start of battles and so it’s just one click at the start if you want it on. That’s not awkward for anyone to do and avoids problems.

However, it’s also fine to leave it how it is… but add “Auto-battle default as OFF” which we can choose to switch on in the options menu.

Currently, I very rarely use auto-battle because of the way it’s set up.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD


i asked for the same feature months ago.

it is a nuisance and sometimes costs the match which if you switch to hellmode etc can cost you a lot of tickets.

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@Dev_VKC thank you for more mythic nectars in whales tale

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