Favorite front line team


  1. ColdHeart x9-S
  2. NecroDrake x9-S
  3. ShadowLance x9-S

What’s yours ? Post images .

Omegawyrm, Typhonwyrm, Magmawyrm. 

Or, when leveling monsters: Angelon, Raijin, (monster being leveled). 

Sorry, can’t post pictures here. 

I like to start with Dreadwolf, volcawolf and angelon

Angelon, coldheart, hydrowyrm

Triple Frillzeon. I’ve got just one but i can’t wait to have two more.


Replace Anubis with levelling up monster if training

Those shiny s .-.

I’m not that far into the game yet, so I don’t know what my starting 3 will be.

Luxknight 9.5-S, Destructor 12.0-S, and Arkwing 9.5-S, because why not?

Archwing, Barricadus, luxknight          if training raijin (chain lightning costs 100) a monster with haste and what ever monster i want to level if you go to the right spot the monsters don’t even get a turn to attack

Angelon, Dreadwolf, Ventowyrm for me

Chopperbug arkwing barricadus for me. Love chopper bug because he can mix up enemies line up or just stun them if he dies.