Fang Rankings

Anyone ever gotten a Fang ranked A/S in the beginning of the game when you get 3 arkadions? All if ever gotten was a C

My mission is to do just that.

I have gotten an s rank, deleted the file after that.

I too have had an S after a run of bad spins on the first egg. Darn those eggs… Other than that most for me were C/E! However the S Pearex sealed the deal for me :wink:

I’ve gotten a few A and S Fangs. Also a few S and A dragons on the first egg.

Btw, I might make a guide for getting a dragon on the first egg (I have gotten a dragon from it 30 out of 37 times…ish.) but most people seem to be against restarting.

What fang rank?


On my first game I got an E (how dreadful)

On my second one I got an A and on my third game I got an S and now I use that game slot instead of the others.