Exclamation Mark Bubbles

I’ve done all of the main storyline, beaten Casper, and done all the side missions (or at least I can’t find any more). Yet in some of the towns there are still exclamation mark bubbles showing theres something in certain buildings and such. Some of them when clicked give me a dialogue, like in ‘Handal’ I get:

“Congratulations! I knew you would dominate the tournament. You have our undying gratitude…blah blah blah”

The exclamation mark stays after I read the message, but it appears there is nothing new to be done there. Do some of the exclamation mark bubbles stay forever? Or is there something I’m missing?

Yup some exclamation marks stay forever, they’re there to remind you of any important information you may have missed, such as a special monster’s general location, or a game mechanic.  So don’t worry you aren’t missing a thing. :slight_smile:



No problem glad I could help!