If i have 2 galvjack can i fuse em to do an evolution or is it better that i sell one??

You can’t fuse two galvjacks, but you need four of each starter to get all 4 5-star ultraevolutions of starters

So it is better to sell one?

Once you have enough tickets for it and the ingredients when you are further in the game, the ground and electric 5stars are must haves for any F2P player. Seeing as you can get more starters whenever you want, you COULD sell them, but just know that you’ve wasted training, fruits and attempts at farming that mon.

You can’t sell it, you can erase it, but why would you want to have two in the first place? This Moalith that we can earn is just the second one and we all have 3 starters left to evolve to their Super Epic form.

Kind of wondering why he bothered to get a second if he didn’t want it lol

If you want to get all four super ultra evolutions (or whatever the actual term is) you’ll want 4 of each starter. So keep it.

My mistake, I read Galvbane. I thought he meant he wanted two of those. *facepalms*