Evertale Bugs and Issues

Well I am in the acte 4 chapter 3 and i finish the boss of this chapter so naturlly it says that i finish this chapter so i am kick out the chapter and when I come back I cant do the next chapter so I am stuck at the chapter 3. Pls tell me what to do.

Same happend to me… yesterday and today I did not get my daily login crystals…

I sent a complain 3 days ago and I have not received any reply yet to my complain. How long usually it takes to get a reply ?

Do you really care about your customers. Sent a complain last week and have not received any feedback. Posted a reply here and still no comment. Where are you if you can not follow up hire new people. This game will die if your attitude does not change I will wiat this week but I’d i don’t get feed back from you I am going to contact apple store and complain there I am sure they will listen to me better than you

As far as I know there are no devs from evertale in this forum. I am surprised that they dont respond to support tickets. In neo monsters they always reply

The devs are on the discord that’s the offical evertale area this forum is for neo

Are you able to send me an invite link to that discord server or is it already officially announced in forum?

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Great! I had paused from playing for a week or two. Now I start the Game, it Updates, then when I clicked start, it started the Prolog. I even tried to restart or reload and it doesn’t Help. I payed Lots of Money, had Tons of Charaktere, items and More. I was in the Later chapters and now everything ist gone! Totally frustrating.

He is pretty tough, but it’s not impossible. You will need to utilize burn and some SR characters if u have them!

There’s no music outside of battle and while I enjoy the game, this REALLY bugs me quite a bit.

I lost my account after update ver 1.0.23, please admin help me, I’m scared and confused now !!!

Why i can’t see shake grass in silverdrake mountain again after i finished the offline story. Pls help i want catch cryosaur again to awakened them. Thanks

As far as I know you can’t get additional copies of those monsters from the story. If you have caught them once they never disappeared again. That’s my current knowledge. Maybe they will change it in future but for now you can’t awaken any of them

Ohh i see, thanks man

So there is nothing more yet after act 4 chapter 3??

Hi !
Since yesterday, after the victory of my battles (pve and event), i have nothing. Just result with +999999 everwhere (i give you a picture). The game is blocked and i must close the game and restart. But my progression in pve doesn’t saved. What can i do ?!

My daily reward soul stone has stopped even tho i keep logging in everyday also i cant connect to pvp pls help

Contact support at evertalesupport@zigzagame.com

I started playing evertale a few days ago and had no issues until today. I managed to get 1000 soul stones through gameplay and tried to do the event summon x 10 it popped up saying maintenance in progress and then consumed the soul stones without doing anything


Not as big a bug as I thought it appears it gave me the characters and items but just didn’t give any indication