Esports/competitive gaming

Does anyone play or watch competitive gaming? I personally enjoy competitive cod and was wondering If anyone else does.

League of legends nuff said

Same here

I should get into league I’ve heard it’s great for competitive

It’s really fun, it’s a shame that derp the h acking group is going after big names right now though. here’s the article. But overall it’s great fun.

What kind of person takes down 5 major game servers “for the lulz”

it’s a group of folks i beleive and they think they have something to prove. To my knowledge it hasn’t been to steal information just show their brute strength.

But honestly most ha ckers fall under three categories:

Egommaniac - Think that anything is a challenge and that they can crack it. Out to prove they are the best.

Inquisitive - Like to ha ck to obtain knowledge not necessarily for any real gain.

Powerhungry - Out for gains, whether that be information for personal gains or to be sold to people seeking it.

There are some who do it for fun and others who do it to prevent it from happening amond many other reasons but I’m getting away form my initial point. =D

My personal favorites are the #2’s they are quite nice, helpful and can shed insight without ruining it for you.

Nope I dont know it

Going for post count i see =D Would you like to know?

I don’t play league for competition, only to derp around with friends.

I mainly play games just to have fun and mess around but i do love competitive.

Yeah i read that toady that tells you they have nothing better to do 

Okay, I’m too lazy…so can someone please explain what people actually do in LoL? Please and thank you n.n