Dumb farming question

Just recently downloaded this game, but I was wondering if you would recommend beating the game before farming or what. Just looking for advice/tips… Much appreciated and thanks

I’d say so, yeah. Mostly because farming can dilute the really awesome experience of playing through the game for the first time- but, also, you need an Ark named Medallo to farm at maximum efficiency. 

It is entirely up to you really. There are advantages to having beaten the game before farming, lvl 99 Arks provide higher capture rates, the Metallo strategy of farming, etc. But at the same time some of the farmable Arks, especially the hatchlings and starters are power house Arks that can provide a significant advantage in the battles ahead. So my advise would be this, pick where you would rather spend hours in the same spot. Or farm some while you are playing, then when you get bored, progress through the game some, and go back to farming.

Ultimately it is entirely up to you on when you would rather spend the time sitting in one place for hours. 

Thanks for the advice gents

Answered, thank you for the help!

Atadwet, you must go through the tunnel that leads to takran before u can defeat dahag

Atadwet, Dahaq is unbeatable until you complete the quests leading to his defeat. If you check your quests you should see a quest to go to the next town that advises you to stay on the path. Follow the path north, staying on the path and you will reach an event right by the town to get into the town. Until you follow that quest line through Dahaq cannot be defeated no matter what you do to him. 

The quests will guide you through a tunnel to another town, and after destroying a mini boss you will be able to actually damage Dahaq

I am not sure what you mean by this, can you give me the name of the encounter?

Also the bosses will all have much higher bonus action rates as they are 1 Ark against your entire team. If they did not the boss encounters would be too easy. The simplest strategy to counter this is to bring Arks with stunning abilities to these fights and keep the boss stunned while your other Arks destroy him

Thanks guys Ashley just set me straight in chat.

Ty all for the help, I was getting depressed. 

“green path” I need to pay attention to detail.

With regard to the side quest it’s a Gaiawyrm. He eats me up, not sure what to do. I guess I should start assembling so Ark’s that work against his element.  

Edit: SUCCESS!!! Sheesh I feel Atadstupid… I spent hours level farming thinking that was my issue only to find out it was something as simple as paying attention. Again thank you all for the help. Re-motivated now!!!