Who wants a duel m’y code is 5675365

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This is for Hunter Island

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What was Hunter island? Anybody can explain me?

Ask @deez if he will duel you @Cesar

In fact i proposed a PvP duel on Néo Monster if anyone IS interested m’y code is 5675365


Hunter Island is the Pokémon-inspired spiritual sequel to Dragon Island Blue. It was made by Zigzagame and Pocket Trend in 2013, and was made in collaboration with NTT Resonant.

It’s basic gameplay is very similar to Neo Monsters, but with significantly more focus on exploration. It follows the main character and their companion as they travel through Ark Island, trying to stop the mysterious Weidman from unleashing the First Ones. After successfully fighting and sealing every First One, Franz, someone who has been traveling with you, takes you to the Crescent Island, where you fight the master of the First Ones, Deucalion.

Here, it is revealed that humanity moved to this planet after they destroyed Earth with an unspecified piece of extremely advanced technology. The First Ones exist to prevent humanity from developing any similar technology in the future.

After defeating Deucalion, you are told that Tiamat, the All-Mother and All-Destroyer, has awakened to wide humanity clean. After one final duel with Weidman, you defeat Tiamat and save the world.

In addition to the main story, you can complete several side quests for rewards, and, of course, you can capture monsters all over the islands. After you capture enough monsters and complete enough side quests, you can battle others to rank up in the not-coincidentally-named Order of Deucalion, ultimately fighting your mentor to become a Grand Master.

After defeating Tiamat, you can enter the Infinite Dungeon, a dungeon full of strong monsters where you try to get as deep as possible with only one team, and no chance to heal.

Before the servers were shut down, there were weekly Online Mission, where you had to complete a difficult dungeon as fast as possible to earn rewards, including an Online Mission exclusive monster.

PvP was the combination of these elements into one mode. You got 15 monsters, with no repeats allowed, and had to fight other players for diamonds. After reaching certain Diamond thresholds, you would receive rewards. Diamonds also acted as a ranking system, with a leaderboard of who had won the most diamonds visible at all times.

Overall, Hunter Island was a game which was nearly perfect. It made commonly used mechanics its own, added new and unique functions, and was also just fun to play. I’ve spent 8 years playing it, and I have no intentions of stopping. Its design was amazing, and its success was the only reason that Neo Monsters exists today.

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Any questions?

This Game still in play Store!!?

Sadly, they abandoned it for Neo. The only way to play is to have a pre-iOS 11 phone and an Apple ID which had previously downloaded it

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@Cesar do you still want to duel