Dreadgar's Deicide

Has anyone else tried out the new dreadgar move? I used it recently and it does around 10k damage to most legends!! Its obviously not overly powerful, as his speed is low, but maybe worth using in the meta of nearly all legends? Thoughts?

His speed is almost 70 i believe which does make him somewhat viable especially at low cost.

Doesnt really work in my setups but definitely cool. I wish he were good when I was a nube. Would have made the PvE campaign a good bit easier.

It would be sick if the TU wasn’t so high

I think the idea is cool but I’ll never use it. Just be glad the devs finally gave some love to some lesser guys

I tried it and thought it was awesome. I always felt he looked great but lacked a good moveset. It would be a great cost filler if it was around 150 Tu