Do you remeber when...

This is basically a topic for just…talking about the past of this game.

Do you remember when there was a Coldheart in EVERY pvp party?
Do you remember when there was a Don at the back of EVERY pvp party?
Do you remember when Betas would use later OM arks that nobody knew were ?(like Cyro,Octo,Or Osiris)




Yep, much to the charign of the community

Yep it was annoying
Remember when everybody had a cyberwrym

No.I had already quit by then.

Do You remember when Don was a secret?
Do you remember when people actually chatted in the chat room?

Do you remember when there were no spam bots and trolls?

hint: me neither

Do you remember when No one knew what Gearhound,Droneguard,Metalheart,Octor ect. were,except betas,and people were using spawn ears to find them out?

It was fun knowing about those OM monsters before anyone else did.


Remember when you first started and you thought that your starter was gonna end up op? XD

Remember when you got a Megalorex from the gold eggs and you thought “This one looks very strong”.

Never got a egg only… Still haven’t… But I do remember seeing opponents getting them from summons and I was a bit scared, then I realized he was doing more good (for me) then bad XD

I never get anything good from gold eggs.Best I got was a Coldheart,and I had one already.

Do You remember when the betas had the unnamed monsters with named like Megashark 882 for Megalorex?

Do You Remember When You Had No Idea What A Frostjack was?

I always knew what a frostjack was :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just that Gangsta! Lol

Do you remember when hunter island was just being advertised and on DIB you saw the add and was like “OH I CANT WAIT! I MUST HAZ IT! I NEEDZ IT!”