Delugazar challenge

UwU ~ This is a challenge open for everyone ~ UwU


  1. Show me your monsters (under SE is unimportant).

  2. Pick the best monsters that let you get high tiers in last pvp and the pne before that.

  3. Show me those monsters so I can see what they are and also confirm that you had it.

  4. Delete them.

  5. Now delete your forum account to never create again.

If you have completed all these steps:
Congratulations!! :kiss::tada::confetti_ball::tada::kiss: you succeded in this challenge!

For people who might think this is only for P2W or long term F2P players BUT no! It is for new players or unlucky F2P players too!! :slight_smile:

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Sign me up. As long as you are competing yourself though.