Defense & Health

How does a monsters defense and health work in keeping the monster alive?

Is it better to use a monster with more defense or more health while making teams?

The only major way I can see that coming into play is moves with recoil. Let’s suppose you use bloodcrave on a bulky monster. If that monster has average hp but high defense, the damage of the move will be reduced a lot, and hence the recoil is reduced as well. But if the monster has low defense and very high hp, the attacker will be able to take away a ton of hp, and thus lose a ton of its own hp in the process. But the same thing applies to move that heal… dusicyon specifically would love to pick on a high hp low defense monster in order to leech as much health as possible. So just apply that as you will.

PS keep in mind that Nova and Panda’s moves are NOT recoil, the amount of HP they lose is based on their own health, not the opponent’s.

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Health is dependent on speed, low speed monsters have high health and high speed monsters have low health. For legendaries the calculation is:
Health ≈ 4600 - 11*[speed stat]
e.g. 100% speed = 3500 health

I basically ignore health on my monsters when building teams. Reason being, there are far more important things to take into account. However, when comparing it to defence it plays a smaller part.

To better explain it’s good to look at the numbers…
Speed of monsters basically ranges 20-99%, so the average health is 3950 with range 3500-4400. This is roughly ±10%.
Now look at defence, which centres at 4600 for “rounded” monsters.
3350 -> -27%
3950 -> -14%
5225 -> +14%
5850 -> +27%

So while health goes ±10%, defence goes ±27%. A monster’s defence typically has more relevance than their health.

The only case where health plays a huge factor is when facing piercing moves. Piercing moves ignore defence so the only thing that matters is a monster’s health. In some cases this means a slow monster will survive an attack while a faster one won’t.


Thanks for the explanation and tips guys.

Huh… I had no idea there was such a direct correlation between hp and speed. Surely that formula at least varies between star ranks though?

Health ≈ 5600 - 13*[speed stat]
e.g. 100% speed = 4300 HP

Health ≈ 4600 - 11*[speed stat]
e.g. 100% speed = 3500 HP

Super epics:
Health ≈ 3650 - 9*[speed stat]
e.g. 100% speed = 2750 HP

If you imagine 20% as being the lowest speed then:
Max SE HP = 3470
Max Leg HP = 4380

It’s no mistake that by design this max HP is almost the same as the lowest HP possible on the next tier up of monsters.