Dear Devs...

Most likely money lmao

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then you understand what you have to adjust and not spend your life doing nerf

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I understand, it’s survival of the fittest: you either invest your life savings in beating an OP strategy that no one else can defeat or you are screwed. Now I see things clearly.

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You are right, I should adjust my team putting all most broken monsters like Lemon. :rofl:

hahaha no one talks about p2w … The p2w are not bad people, for example" *** " he pays money, but he does not go around asking for nerf… “like others who certainly belong know to the same clan”, who keeps asking for nerf from those who win :rofl:and they call themselves “the best” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

your what you should uninstall various applications from your phone

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Bouncy is my best friend, stays in your group only because he likes playing pvp, but he can kick your asses without any problem :wink:

You must insult because you cannot answer. You have no foundation against the truth? you without money is nothing … Your real top is 70 or more … Greetings

better invest your time in asking all the legendary nerf to beat you, like you did now with nova hahaha than that if you know how to do it well



Last time I played with a F2P account was with LDN Alazan’s account, was easy top 20 :rofl:
Envy is a awful beast :joy:

there are many respectable p2w players, they can lose and accept their defeat … They are not like others who say “I pay, they cannot win those f2p, I must be the top 1, our clan must be the top 4” so it’s just An opinion is not offended gentleman, you are not even close to being the best … The best are others, only that the images are deceiving

Good bye

Well first of all dont89 never asks for nerfs for his own since he doesnt play thtat much but for those f2w players that cant max the broken units. Unlike you he is someone that cares about others experience in this game. Also i didnt find it rly appropriate for u to insult anyone that doesnt agree with u even if they were f2w. That makes u the bad guy. Also gl with ur banned accout my guy😁

No more messages to Einstein please. Although people are free to voice their opinions, at this moment it’s unfair towards him because he can’t reply.

I feel fortunate to not have been banned.


I don’t know if i am the only person expierencing this but whenever i go exploring and i use a move that can create clones my game crashes, is it a bug or something?