Count lector video

Hi guys this Count was very easy, if u need help can see video

Thx mate helped m on 3rd

On 2nd theres a better way, without death rolletes. Just take them out pairs by pairs. You need 1 double ret to kill deos and butterflys (2 in total), 2 double ret to put peng to hold ground, and 1 aoe to finish them. So just need to charge the double ret 4 times (while got 4 stunners), just need to time it.

1St battle

2Nd battle

3rd battle

Yey bro, u dunno why i ever do another way :frowning:

Good vídeos bro :3

Nice vids,the 3rth one helped me thanks!

Guys which app do u use to record the gameplays ?

AZ Screen Recorder

Az screen ita good because u can récord with a lower space very lights vídeos, but its not compatible with my MOBILE, i did my vídeos with game screen (android)

I guess game screen recorder doesn’t work on Android 7.1 (nougat) its not working on my phone well u can try both r good

Hm. I want to use that on my iPhone but it’s not working:/

Ah i found a Prog. :slight_smile: