Count lector - shadow arena 07/02/2017

Check out battle 1 Rookie

2nd battle
sudden death(kill deo)→necromancy(deo)→rebirth(deo)

Use Stealth(deo)+deathmark(Emeral)

3Rd Battle :

For the 2nd one,, making double Emerals would be feasible too~~

Doing excetly the same for the 3rd, but my backstabing guy keep getting killed by 1 shot…

2Nd Battle :

it is too difficult in that way. You have to hope that sudden death kills deo? I’ve tried over 50 times and it always fail
There should be another way
3rd battle, simplest way

3rd Battle alternative method.So far 3 ways to finish this battle
Here’s the 2nd battle, most reliable way

Fastest way for 2nd one
Fox sudden death
Fox rebirth emeral
Atra necro emeral
Fox elemental attack
Spam emeral death move
Win in a minute :wink:

just tried this, was easy af, thanks lochi

No, you did not get the idea, I can rebirth and revive the emerals much earlier, when moji dies and two emerals on the field, then you are winning~~

okok sorry. Btw it was easy with 2 emerals