I got the copperhorn but it was quite a challenge. Does anyone else feel that this om was tougher than most others?

A lot of people think so, yes.

I haven’t done it yet

This was a very very very good mission, hard enough, enough waypoints and the stairs all around and not just on the right

The all fire element plus frillzeon sure was a nightmare, luckily i got a copper <3

It was tough, but fun. Took actual thinking and not just “avoid the puffoxins”

There were no Puffs in this mission…

Um, that’s why I made the comment lol. The other OMs normally have them or something equivalent to them.

I got the copper too.

Was a bit surprised when I finally finished the mission at 6am (eastern) and still got the copper

Maybe u were in Pool A?

Not to my knowledge… Is there a way to tell?

No, sadly not

I got it, too.  It was very surprising.  It was harder than other missions.