Community Tournament: The Beritus Argvel Trophy #1 COMMUNITY HELP NEEDED, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK INSIDE!

And one question. In 2nd match restrictions we choose 2 elements. My captain and vice captain are from different elements. So let’s say I use my vice captain and another element. I don’t need my captain if I choose the voce right

You can use your vice captain as a captain only if your captain is disqualified because of restrictions.


And I don’t have a YouTube channel. Hope my opponents record it and upload it. I can also record it and may send it to someone who got a channel

I was going to ask, how do people record their battles?

Go check out my post in the other thread:

Also, when I get on my laptop in a bit I’ll update the original post in this thread so for all info as the tournament progresses we can simply scroll up to read it there.

I really wouldn’t like either my captain or vice captain to be released as public info. With this knowledge it’s immediately possible to work out which one will be used in each battle and therefore how the team may be built. This kind of knowledge about our opponent’s teams could ruin some of the matches as people could create a counter to it.

I’m very glad that we’re using a different team for each battle in the group stage. It would be a shame if we were using the same team and people talked in-between the matches so the second and third were unfair as one person knew the other’s strategy.

P.S. I feel sorry for anyone with Dolphreeze as the captain, it will suck in these first three battles! Mine isn’t great either, but better than Dolphreeze.

Lol I thought the same thing about dolph.

I’ve just updated the first post of this thread to include all the info Guesswhosback has posted in this thread. To read about the groups and the match restrictions go check out that post!

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These are the matchups for group stage ryt

We’re finding out in the next post who we’re facing first, second and third in our group.

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Aah okey, I was preparing a team if I had first battle with moking :grinning:


I prepared my Team too, for the case that we have the first battle :joy::joy::joy:

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Im not gonna change my team, I’ll just go with the one i made the first :ok_hand:t2::joy:

Nice joke

Anyone who faces moking , make sure u have a shadowwyrm and toxic killers in Frontline , preferably dracarosa .

Ahahahahaa everybody know what i Run during Normal pvp :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but who knows what i will run during that Tournament :speak_no_evil:

Nice trick… we all know u’ll never give up on yr frontline.

Maybe maybe Not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well well well. Professor Oak! Publicly dishing the dirt on Moking on his birthday… :scream:

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not joking. I filled the 16 spots and im going with it. Not made third team yet as I’m working on exams atm