Community Tournament: The Beritus Argvel Trophy #1 COMMUNITY HELP NEEDED, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK INSIDE!

I’m the underdog in our group, RIP me

Absolutely not. It’s incredibly competitive though! Be interesting to see how it goes with the new rules

Yeah, already have my 3 teams set. Anyway I say no to revealing the captain and vice captains as I’m sure I will be countered :rofl:

No to captains. Keep it a secret.

And dam unknown and kiknaz and ldn Gonna be tough as hell but fun. I got the group of death with unknown throwing during pvp to not be ranked lol.

Make everyone record their matches and upload in another thread for viewers !

Question. So i gotta battle the ppl in my group? Or is it like my group vs another group?

Yeah, you gotta battle the people in your group

As requested, I will send you a PM with all important information when I have bit more time once I am finished with the schedule

Wow these groups are nicely made! Seems tough for everyone

Please confirm

Match 1 against who ever is using your first team

Match 2 is using second team

Match 3 is using third team.

Or does team 1 only used for group stage

Team two used for quarter finals,

Team 3 used for semi finals.

@Professor_Oak has me confused

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First 3 group battles will use same team or 3 separate teams. @Guesswhosback

So for the first battle you will need your your first team which needs to meet the restrictions for the first match.

For the second battle you will need your second team which needs to meet the restrictions for the second match.

Same goes for the third match. Is it clear now?

Is this same in semi finals too when u have 4 players each out of a group ?

And which team for finals ?

There will be KO system from quarterfinals on. First two players from each group will qualify for the Quarters. From that point on we will have new restrictions since every battle from QFs will be best of 3. And now stop confusing people :sweat_smile:

Ooooh new rules… People sweating just for this… And u r saying more rules ?

Haha this is gonna be so much fun for spectators …


Thank you! I was right @Professor_Oak! I thought you had all the knowledge

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New age tournaments. Youngsters these days are difficult to understand for me :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Also I hope one of you shows the true might of Canishogun…along with those super epics in round 1…

Oh wait , he is a stun converter … My bad…

Canishogun cringes in a corner , looks at @Guesswhosback with deep sad eyes

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Would be nice if these tournament would be ingame where we can bet gems for each player. I had that in one game where you can bet and it was a nice guessing and gem winning. But in that game the formations fight was automatically. I guess it wont work cuz we can play at our own.
And vnm and starlord and hellbrand in my group. RIP me xD


And one question. In 2nd match restrictions we choose 2 elements. My captain and vice captain are from different elements. So let’s say I use my vice captain and another element. I don’t need my captain if I choose the voce right