Community Tournament: The Beritus Argvel Trophy #1 COMMUNITY HELP NEEDED, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK INSIDE!

Hello there fellow trainers,

Its been quite a long time since we had community tournament so it is finally time to have one again. The Devs are supporting this 16 PLAYER Tournament with 8 Gems for the Winner and 5 Gems for the Runner Up. Pretty cool and therefore a big thank you goes out to them.

The tournament will divide players in four Groups: Group Captain Maedel // Group Madame Uvestra // Group Lord Tardel // Group Torus Delgrave

1.) Z19 Unown
2.) TNB gatn
3.) RAF StarLord
4.) KikNaz
5.) Xyzencross
6.) VNM
7.) LemonSqueezy
8.) MonkeyDluffy
9.) LDN Fernando
10.) DSlavin
11.) LDN Raghnius
12.) Exu
13.) Moking
14.) LDN HellbranD
15.) Killerdog
16.) LDN Alazan

There will be four players in every group and the game mode for the group stage will be round-robin (Meaning trainer 1 has to play trainer 2, 3, 4 of their group ; Player 2 has to play Player 1, 3, 4 and so on) So basically everybody will have three matches against their fellow group members. A Victory will give you 2 points, the rare occurance of a draw will give you one point.

Since everybody will have three matches during the group stage there will be three matchdays. I will update the table of each group after every matchday. Rank Number 1 and 2 of each group will qualify for the knockout Stage. A tie between exactly two players is broken by the result of the of the direct match. If this match should have been a draw this event will force a deciding match between those two players.

The 8 Players who advance to the knockout stage will have to play best of three from that point on. But more on that later.


Group Captain Maedel:

  1. [1] RAF StarLord
  2. [5] VNM
  3. TNB Gatn
  4. LDN HellbranD

Group Madame Uvestra

  1. [2] MonkeyDluffy
  2. [6] Moking
  3. Exu
  4. LDN Alazan

Group Lord Tardel

  1. [3] Killerdog
  2. [7] LemonSqueezy
  3. Xyzencross
  4. LDN Raghnius

Group Torus Delgrave

  1. [4] KikNaz
  2. [8] DSlavin
  3. Unown
  4. LDN Fernando


Every monster that grants turns is banned (all chrono)
For every legend/mythic you’re using you also have to use an epic (or lower) monster. E.g. if you want to use four legends in your team, there also have to be four epics (or lower) in your team.
All monsters count as if they are fully evolved (unevolved SE does not count as epic or below).

All bloodmoves are banned. You can use monsters who have a bloodmove in their moveset, using the bloodmove will be instant loss though.
Only two elements allowed Which elements you want to use is fully up to you
You MUST use your captain and the element it is must be one of your two elements chosen.

No stun. You can use monsters who have stun skills in their moveset, using the stun move will be an instant loss though.
No protectors, but taunt is allowed. You can use monsters who have protect in their moveset but using it will be an instant loss.
You MUST use your captain unless it has a stun/protect passive.


Please note: I am organising this tournament with the help of an excel sheet. As this Sheet was once created for a football tournament, some things might look a bit strange when your looking at it for the first time but I will explain everything you need to know.

Group A = Group Captain Maedel
Group B = Group Madame Uvestra
Group C = Group Lord Tardel
Group D = Group Torus Delgrave

Now take a look at the first excel column on the left side of the picture. The headline of the column is “Nr” and you can see the numbers from 1-24 down below.

THE MATCHES WITH THE NUMBERS 1-8 will have the following restriction:

THE MATCHES WITH THE NUMBERS 9-16 will have the following restriction:

THE MATCHES WITH THE NUMBERS 17-24 will have the following restriction:

YOU CAN FIGHT THE BATTLES IN WHATEVER ORDER YOU LIKE. As long as you follow the above mentioned restrictions for your matches your free to choose time and date for all of the three matches.


If you want to report a result of match please send me a DM using the following form:


A result is confirmed when I have recieved a message with the same outcome from both opponents. Please message me as soon as possible after the match has finished.
If you want to file a complaint please provide screenshots to you proint.

I will now continue to specify the rules for the group stage:

1.) Every matchday will have a special restrcition (No Stun, No chrono Users, No poison, Certain Elements or monsters are banned etc.) Please make suggestions for restrcitions you want to see when you sign up for the torunament.

2.) You have to chose a captain for your team (a monster of your choice) and a vice captain too (a second monster of your choice). Your team captain HAS TO BE part of every team you build. Only exception to this Rule is when your Captain is banned by one of the mentioned match restrictions. In this case you are not allowed to use your captain and you have to use your vice-captain. If the restriction would also ban your vice-captain from the match you automatically lose the match. So for example chosing Angelion and a TT as your captains would be an auto loss when the restriction is “No turn granting monsters allowed” If you go for two shadow types and the restriction is “No shadow types” that would be an auto loss aswell. I think you got the point. That is why I would advise you to choose your captains wisely and dont simply go for the usual suspects.

3.) After each Match please post a picture of the team you used in a second thread (I will create one and link it right here). I cannot force you to do this but this but it will give us all (And especially newer players) a good insight into the meta and help them to understand certain mechanics. It also will improve their team building skills. Its a also a wish from the devs and since they were so generous to support this tournament it would be fair if we would follow this request.

4.) There will be seeded Players in the group stage. 16 Players will be allowed to enter the tournament. 8 Players will be seeded. Being seeded means you cannot meet more than one other seeded player during the group stage. Since we have a ranked PvP right around the corner the 8 players with the highest ranking during this PvP sessions will be seeded in the group stage. Once PvP is finished please provide a screenshot of your rank (Just edit the post you used to enter the tournament) if you want to be seeded. Please use the “50 players below you” function for that screenhot because your IGN Name will be highlighted in purple on this screenshot. It wont matter if you will be seeded Number 1 or seeded Number 8.

5.) Matches are to be completed by the specified date. If everyone finishes early then we move on early. No extensions unless you have probable cause.

6.) f there is reason for someone to be DQ (E.g delaying matches). Screenshots are necessary to support your argument.

7.) If someone isn’t following the restrictions then it’s a DQ. Unless it was by honest mistake. Screenshots required.

8.) You must contact me if you have any queries or requests such as extensions. Regarding requests, unless the other player minds under reason i may grant it.

9.) Post results here on the forum or to me directly via DM.

10.) Line is very helpful for the cause of the tournament but I wont count anybody out if he or she doesnt want to download the app for whatever reasons. During matchdays it is also advised to check your Forum DMs on a regular basis.

11.) Thanks to @TheGreatest for writing a very much on point general rule section. I used some of them and I hope you dont mind. Full credit to you though.

12.) Again: I dont want to count anybody out but it is also advised to have some PvP fighting experience. If everything goes well we will have a second, third and more Editions of the BA Trophy. So if you dont feel ready now, thats absolutely no problem. You will have another chance at a later point for sure.

13.) If you want to enter please use the following form:

  • IGN Name:
  • Team Captain:
  • Vice Captain:
  • Apply for seeding: Yes/No (Provide screenshot later)
  • Suggestions for restrcitions:

14.) The sign-up will close 24 hours after the first 16 players have signed up.

15.) As the Host I am not allowed to compete in the tournament of course.

I will specify the rules for the knockout stage here later. But since this already took me forever I will take a break for now. Stay tuned.


Forgot to mention: You can sign up by just posting here or by writing me a DM :slight_smile:

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Added the first four participants. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. Really appreciate it.

Somebody should Pin this.

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I will update the Thread later. We have some new participants

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How about this Rule: No Duscy, Uto, Shiva, Autopoisoners, Cobra, Void, Avia, Choco, or shield entrance monsters.

Trolling or a serious suggestion? I think troll.

While this would make DR work it doesn’t really impact stuff much for anyone wanting to compete in a tournament with special rules.

Idk what you’re talking about @Killerdog

Special rule : Death / payback revenges ban.

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Special Rule: No Super Mythics (sorry Angelion, you’re out)

No 4on0 (bye Oni SS)

But seriously, ideas i have:

No Secret Skills
No protectors
No roaring entrance
No chrono monsters
No base speed over 75 (pots not included)
No pot bonus (impossible to enforce tho)
No Link
No poison
No sleep
No stun
No stealth
No confident/overconfiden strikes
150 team cost limit
0 myth, 4 legend, 6 SE, 6 epic or lower
All SE or lower
10 monster max

Limit 2 protectors
Limit pool of monsters to 30 monsters (assuming everyone has those monsters)

I really like almost all of those ideas for special rules!

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Participants updated! Please DM me if I forgot your Name. I recieved a lot of DMs today. I tried to keep it organised but from time to time I mess things up so dont hesitate to contact me. I will correct it as soon as possible.

I would also ask you to keep this thread on topic. I have put a lot of work into this and will do so in the future. It would be great if we could focus on the discussion about the tournament :slight_smile: Gary and Professor, I would be really happy if you would participate in the tournament


My first tournament. Looking forward to this! No top 10 pvp mons from this seasons ranked :wink:

Angelion is a mythic ?

Might as well be

Its better than a mythic. Its a super mythic. Only one in the game.

I dont want to derail this into a nerf Angel thread so I’ll just stop and say I’m not kidding but its classified as a legend by the devs.

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How about everyone must use that lord of trash staticsphere.


Thatd be a great rule.