Community tournament! - Battle of the 4 elements

(This tournament is made and will be hosted by @3iNST3iN . I removed this thread while he was away so I have made this copy for him)

Welcome, I am going to organize a PvP event, in which each participant will be part of a kingdom (of element: Earth, water, fire and lightning) that empire must attack another empire to dominate the lands of Neo Monsters.

All Spanish and English speaking players are welcome!

Here is a video explaining everything about the tournament:

0:10 - Story
1:08 - Rules and scoring
2:22 - Top battles from last time

To register please leave a comment in the forum below, indicating that you want to participate and you will be contacted by private message.

You must register before 10th June. This is the day the tournament starts!

Tournament details all in words
  1. History: 1500 years ago the lands of Neo Monsters were at peace, friendship reigned between the 4 empires, element earth, water, fire and lightning. But one day everything changed, the god of Darkness “VECANET” appeared on planet earth:
  • VECANET: I have woken up after sleeping for so many years
  • King of the FIRE Empire: oh nope! great god, what are you doing around here (surprised)
  • VECANET: I have come to take revenge - King of the Water Empire: No please do not use your great hidden power
  • VECANET: It’s late !! LOL

Booooom (use his power)

Now all the elements have awakened their evil side and wish to destroy the empire against which they are disadvantaged, to dominate the lands of Neo Monster … What empire will be able to conquer the lands of the Neo Monsters? Join the event and participate to achieve it
2) How to register
Leave a comment in the forum below, indicating that you want to participate and you will be contacted by private message You can also do it by joining this group where it will later be forwarded
3) There is time to register until June 10 … That day the tournament will begin. There are 4 empires: Water, Earth, Fire and Lightning.
You can choose which one you want to be part of.
Example: User: “Bryan” joins the tournament and wants to be part of the Earth Empire

IMPORTANT: When you are part of the empire, you can only use monsters of that element in your battles, with a maximum of 8 monsters

Continuing the previous Example:

“Bryan” must use 12 earth element monsters in his team. He cannot use any other element for his pvp battles (water, fire, lightning, shadow, light). . .
The element light and shadow, do not participate in this event . .
Each empire (water, earth, fire, lightning) will have between 5/10/20 members …
This will depend on the number of users who register for the event .
Once an empire has full quotas, suppose “10” members. Another member who signs up will no longer be able to enter that element and must choose another
How do the battles unfold?
Each empire must attack their empire “Counter” Namely
Water → attacks → lightning
Lightning → strikes → ground
Earth → attacks → fire
Fire-> attacks → water .
I explain it with a concrete example so that it is understood:
User “Bryan” joins the tournament. Bryan chooses his element “earth” Bryan will join a wssp group created specifically for all members of the earth empire, where they can help each other with team building, etc.
(There will be 4 groups of wssp, one for each element) and a fifth group where they can search for their rivals. Bryant goes to the 5th group (where are all the members of the event, of all the empires, all the elements)

where there he can look for battles against his empire counter As explained above, in this case, Empire Earth → must attack → Fire Therefore Bryant and the rest of his empire, will search for the group of wssp enemies of that empire
Example: “Hello, I’m bryant, from the earth empire, I’m looking for a battle against someone from the fire element” So if Bryan is low level he can seek battle with someone of his level.
If bryan wins the battle, he adds 5 points for his empire, for that he must send a screenshot, to a sixth group of wssp, or contact me privately, to prove that he won the battle.
Example “Capture defeating the rival when he leaves the battle, or has 1 monster left” and must indicate the username of said participant to corroborate that he actually defeated him .
You add 5 points to your empire for each battle you win against the counter empire, as we already said, example, if earth ATTACKS and defeats fire … example if water defeats lightning .
But … If you are a fire element, you are DEFENDING your empire, you are simply defending it, you will NOT receive 5 points for winning the battle you defend, you will only receive 1 point.
It may be a bit difficult for you to understand, but believe me, once you are in the wssp groups, everything will be easier and more organized. In addition, that member who wishes to participate without providing his wssp (which by the way, can register with another name, so that no one knows that you are) in the case that he does not want to do it through wssp, he can do it here in the forum, look for his battles for the forum, although it will be more difficult.
4) Rules:
*Your team must be made up of 8 monsters of the same element (There is no restriction of legendary myths or super epics)

  • You can only attack your Counter empire … Ex: Lightning attacks the ground
  • When ATTACKING and winning add 5 points
  • He can only defend himself against his weak empire. Ex: lightning defends itself from water
  • Defending yourself and winning the battle add 1 point
  • You must send a capture of the battle won and the username to the one who defeated, to corroborate the veracity of the game
  • You can play all the battles you want, it has a span of 1 week
  • It is not mandatory to join all 6 wssp groups, but it will be 100% easier for you to find battles
  • You can not talk too much, send stickers, spam, or talk a lot in groups, since otherwise they will be filled with messages. You must send very short and concise messages so as not to generate a giant accumulation of information and messages, otherwise you will be expelled from the groups … Remember that each group is so that everything is more organized, and the purpose is not to generate exhaustion with so many groups, but organize
  1. frequently asked questions
  • What prize will the winner get?
  • The winner will be the king of the planet Neo Monsters, his name will be published here in this thread, once finished, and a video will be made for my YouTube channel where he will appear as the player who managed to conquer the lands of Neo Monsters .
  • Do I need my clan to join in order to join?
  • Not .
  • This is a war between clans?
  • Not .
  • Can I join with people of my clan to the same element?
  • If you can do it, you must arrange with them in advance .
  • What happens if I want to be one element and the quotas are full?
  • If the quotas are full you must go to another element .
  • Can I join if I’m low rank?
  • Yes, you will fight against rivals from the other empire of the same level to add points to your empire / element .
  • Can I play many battles in the week?
  • If you can do it .
    -Will I be able to see the battles between elements?
  • If many of them will be recorded . .
    Everything written may seem a bit long, but here you have all the answers to all your questions in each of these indexes.
    Please if you are not interested in participating in the event, do not insult or comment, there are already 16 people registered, and I decide to share by this means in case someone from the forum wants to join
    To register, comment below your NAME and ELEMENT / EMPIRE, of which you want to be part (earth, water, fire, lightning … only those 4 available)

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ahh it was fun tbh

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1500 years ago the lands of Neo Monsters were at peace, friendship reigned between the 4 empires element earth, water, fire and lightning. But one day everything changed…

… when the fire nation attacked.



Ficou interessante estou empolgado

I have participated in this tournament, the truth was a dream to be able to play with elements, it was what I always expected and they never did in Neo, so thank you Einstein for doing this, the truth is that we can have differences and get along badly, but the event was what better … Please sign me up next. Hugs

I am NPLxXjorgihxX and I want to see myself participate again in this excellent tournament

I am Jese BlackFire, I would like to participate in this tournament. I’m in

I had given my positive opinion about this but it is incredible how @3iNST3iN
can be so toxic as to prevent TNC from entering the tournament, I am sorry @Jese_BlackFire but we will not be able to play

I don’t think so brother the tournament was over when kd posted it .

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