Cheater ?

just played against this in pvp

What was his in game name?


He not cheating. He has that many mythical. Either lucky with roll or big spender

thts insane

Hes legit. @KikNaz

He is basically paying for all of us.


Its true. Prof Oak has 3 of the devs kids in one of his college classes. Kiknaz personally funds all 3 of their tuition.

Snitches get stitches @Yozzi

Kiknaz simply showing the power of capitalism :sweat_smile:


Capitalism is great @Guesswhosback I concur.

Brace yourselves, F2P complaints about how capitalism is ruining the world incoming!

GG @Yozzi

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Huskegon is the worst…

capitalism isn’t ruining anything.

How much did you spend to get those ??

Considering the amount I spent to get one dupe of sakura I dont event want to know how much it took to get him where he is now

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If hes super lucky I bet $15,000. If hes not lucky it could be as much as $30,000.

I’m gonna buy a boat and name it “The NeoMythic”

Nobody would understand but it would be hilarious to me.

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I can see 8 awakened mythics. You need four of each to awaken them. Chance to hatch them outside of the rare egg is what? 1 % ?

He awakens 2 or 3 of them using tickets…so triple the dupes you can image.
The Lord of Whales.

Yup. KD did the math on it somewhere but I think its about $5k per mythic.