Changing Language ?


Hey everyone,

Just bought Hunter Island and since I’m on the French App Store the only version there was was an app that said “french version” in the title…
However I’d like to play the game in English…

Is there an option just like in DIB to change the language ?

If not will it be in a future update ?

Thanks !


You will need to change your device’s language to English.


That’s kind of a bummer…
Was quite a nice option in DIB, I don’t get why it’s not available in this one…

Also it seems that the app you buy from a countries’ store is “Hunter Island (versions français)” 

So it would be a different app for every language ? 


No, i am pretty sure that every copy supports every language that is available 


Then it would be nice to be able to change just the language of the app without having to change the whole device…

But it is only a minor detail… doesn’t bother the game that much… Just for the attack names and all it’s kind of disturbing !