Buying wave cheackpoints

So this idea just came threw my head randomly , and of course the cost can’t be cheap so i’m looking at about 1M silver to buy a wave check point for the infinite dungeon specifically … So main purpose for this well its fairly simple .

So lets say your on wave 267 correct ? And thats the starting wave and for the next check point you need to go threw 50 diffuclty waves to go to the check point so now thats pretty difficult and very challenging but very possible ! But let say you couldnt make it but made it to floor 291 and have 1 ark left and wont be able to make it to floor 317 !! So now this is when buying a check point comes in handy ! You can buy a checkpoint for 1M and then your able to come back to town heal and go back to check point 297 and then able to get to wave 317 … BUT! You can only buy 1 wave check point for every check point you pass …


Wave 1 next wave checkpoint is floor 10 so now in between 1-10 you can only buy 1 wave check point from any floor 2-9 … Next time you can buy another wave check point is once you get to wave 10 ( floor 10 ) … Once you do, the next check point would be like 10-35 , you can only buy one check point on any floor from 11-34 , then once you get to 35 then u can buy anyother …

Just something to avoid being angry or upset all the time when you have to start all over !! its not healthy at all lol.

yeah would be a good idea I recon

I like this idea

i like this idea as well

Altough the price is a bit high

Shouldn’t be cheap at all

How do you want people to get 1m silver XD well alright silver is not that hard to get but 1m would still take life.

I like the idea though il run it by ryan

So how much siver would you put to buy wavepoints ? Atleast 100k ? And okay! Make sure you do .