Please report all bugs here. If the game freezes, this is where you comment. We need to be able to recreate the bug. Please tell us how to create the bug ie what steps you took prior to the freeze.


I’m using the third generation iPad and whenever I use the “four-finger swipe up” gesture to get to the multitasking bar the game crashes. It only crashes in three places: the starting screen, when I’m on the overworld map, and when I’m in the store. It doesn’t crash in the store after I’ve selected an item to purchase, like eggs or recipes. And it doesn’t crash at all if I use the “double tap home button” instead of the “four-finger swipe up”.


Same problem as above here. I’m using fourth generation iPad.


wow never tested that. thank you!


Crash alert. I was in the first dungeon between the first two towns. I was on floor 2. I was in a fight with 3 monsters (Gustbat, Seedtooth, Seedtooth I believe… or maybe Gustbat, Gustbat, Seedtooth?)

I was fighting… nothing special about the fight happened. Had some bonus actions. I was fighting with Breezeling, Goldlamb, and Snowfawn (my team).

Finished off the last monster, and instead of going to the reward screen where you get silver, it froze with an empty battle scene for a while. And then it crashed.

Using iPad 4.


There was a random memory bug in the last beta build. We just fixed that so I think seemingly random crashes like this should go away. Please keep an eye out on them in the next build!


Is it a bug that it doesn’t show you completing the capture challenge in a dungeon until you’ve gone up or down stairs? I can’t remember if it showed immediately in Dragon Island or not.


Yes that is a bug! We are fixing it now. 


I was in a fight with two Plasmos near the starting town, when it was my turn, I selected an ability, the game told me that it wasn’t my turn.  The UI disappeared and the enemy did nothing.  The game didn’t crash but I was forced to capture the monster in order to continue.  I’m on iPod 4th Gen.

Edit-The bug is caused when you use Knockback on Wooly, and text pops up and the game is stuck.  Pictures added.


If you let the Credits end, the app crashes. Nice effect, but i think it’s a bug xD 


When you use Frostbite’s Last Stand ability it doesn’t conflict damage, even at lvl 8 the description says it deals 23-28 Physical damage.


I second that. Game crashes as the last piece of credit text dissapears.


The game just crashed when I did the quest for the Bazaar owner, regarding the Orcoids eating the meat from his stall in the middle of the night. I just reloaded the game and I have to do the quest over again. It crashed just as I was awarded my experience points.

EDIT: I went through the quest a second time with no issues at all, but the crash should still be addressed.

EDIT v2: Game crashed once more, this time after I defeated Garin during the quest Trouble in Earun. I spanked him and as it was awarding me my experience points, it crashed. Just did the quest a second time and again, no issues.


No crashes yet but I got the notification for rating the game

Is that supposed to be in, yet? Is so, just like this and ignore.


I also got that popup. I followed it, for kicks, and it just said that the game was not available in the US yet.


When you use Frostbite’s Last Stand ability it doesn’t conflict damage, even at lvl 8 the description says it deals 23-28 Physical damage.

Was Frostbite alone in the battle? It doesn’t do anything if there are other monsters in the battle as well. It has to be all by itself.


It was alone.



I don’t know if this is a bug, but is sure is annoying.  Whenever you get a monster from an egg, the song that plays when you win a monster keeps repeating, and repeating until get back into the game.


I don’t think an Icebear is an Elementless dragon… >.>

The monster has the same effects and an Elementless monster, and the health of a boss creature.